• 3rd CIMEC regional workshop – Bilbao


    As part of its work to understand the requirements and perspectives of cities, CIMEC is holding a short series of workshops around Europe, hosted by partner cities. The 3rd CIMEC regional workshop took place in Bilbao, Spain, on 18-19 February 2016, for local and regional stakeholders.

    The city workshop (18 February) was attended by different field representatives of Bilbao City Council, local public bus operator, urban freight distribution companies and the University. Even if the majority of the attendants where not familiar with C-ITS urban solutions, they showed interest in the deployment of C-ITS solutions in other European Cities. The workshop gave them the opportunity to talk together about the city problems and constrains while implementing new solutions for traffic and transport management. It was stated that the main barriers for the deployment of effective ITS solutions are related to the lack of coordination between authorities, the lack of standardization for data exchange and high cost/benefit ratio.

    The regional workshop (19 February) was attended by transport and traffic managers of Spanish and French cities. It was stated that, while some services such as traffic status information are widely spread in these cities, there is a special need for analysing the information provided in order to promote the usage of public transport instead of the private vehicle. The other key output is the satisfaction of the end-users’ needs, and the main barrier is the high cost of the devices and maintenance of the service.

    The general outcome of both workshop is the interest in sharing experiences on C-ITS solutions emerging in European cities and the importance of standardization.