• 2nd CIMEC regional workshop – Kassel


    As part of its work to understand the requirements and perspectives of cities, CIMEC is holding a short series of workshops around Europe, hosted by partner cities. The 2nd CIMEC regional workshop took place in Kassel, Germany, on 1-2 February 2016, for local and regional stakeholders.

    The first workshop was attended by Kassel’s own transport team, neighbouring local authorities, the local public transport operator, police, fire defense, logistics associations representatives, the University, representatives from Kassel’s economic development sector, and others. The participants showed a promising interest in the deployment of C-ITS solutions at local level, due to its benefits for the city. In this context, there were significant concerns on how to exchange and share data in a secure and protected way: one possible solution could be the integration of the whole framework at legal and financial level, in order to overcome the main issues that hamper the potential of C-ITS. Moreover, SPaT-MAP relevant use cases, which take into account vulnerable road user and logistic traffic, are of the interest of the city of Kassel.

    The second workshop was attended again by Kassel’s own transport team as city representative, the North Rhine-Westphalia road authority, 15 German cities of all sizes, and the city of Vienna. A clear consensus emerged on the importance of developing an agreeable overall concept as regards legal, technical, financial as well as political aspects. Moreover, participants emphasised the importance of further working on the gaps in the current available standard, e.g. geo-reference and interfaces to the back-end office. Privacy and security are always considered important issues when it comes to data exchange and data sharing. SPaT/MAP relevant use cases are of the interest of the other German cities too.

    As a general feedback, attending cities appreciated the effort of CIMEC, emphasised the need for harmonised standards interfaces and for best practices. They asked for ensuring transparent transmission of the cities’ voice to the EC and being actively involved on the development of the CIMEC roadmap.