• 1st CIMEC regional workshop – Reading


    As part of its work to understand the requirements and perspectives of cities, CIMEC is holding a short series of workshops around Europe, hosted by partner cities. The 1st CIMEC city workshop took place in Reading, UK on 13 January.

    The first part of the workshop was attended by Reading’s own transport team, outside ITS; neighbouring local authorities; and the local bus company. The key message emerging from discussions was that C-ITS, like all ITS, must be justified by policy goals such as modal shift or congestion reduction. Potential “unforeseen consequences” should be avoided.

    The second part included some leading UK local authorities; the UK Department for Transport (DfT); and Highways England, responsible for the English highways network. It was noted that some services, such as driver advice, are already well supported by commercial activity; conversely, floating vehicle data could be very helpful to cities for congestion management, pollution reduction and capacity enhancement. System design could have a major impact on the cost-benefit evaluation: a system using direct mobile communications from the vehicle is likely to be much more cost-effective than one based on on-street equipment.